Low cost solutions geared towards standardization and a “design few, build many” concept

Bantrel has been actively and extensively engaged in the SAGD market since 2008, building on our initial SAGD design work on the early projects at the onset of SAGD implementation. The CPF and FF projects that have been executed are industry leading in scale and demonstrate progressive cost improvement over time. Our ability to operate as a combined EPC contractor, with a strong focus on fabrication (over 4000 modules to date) and construction, gives us the opportunity to fully integrate projects to the best economic value for our Clients.

The Bantrel model of execution is to maximize EPC integration and control the critical path and cost of a project. We have successfully executed a fixed price $250,000,000 lump sum field facilities project, delivering on time and on budget. We remain flexible to differing contract strategies and the needs of our Clients.

Featured Expertise:

  • Central Processing Facilities
    • Oil Treating
    • Oil Removal
    • Water Treatment
    • Steam Generation
    • Slop Treatment
    • Utilities
    • Tankage
    • Custody Transfer
  • Wellpads
  • Cogeneration
  • Pipelines


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