Sustaining Capital Programs

Delivering Sustaining Capital Programs for our Clients since 1991.

The Bantrel sustaining capital integrated delivery model was created from our long-term Client relationships, including Imperial Oil, Husky, Suncor and Enbridge. Our processes and procedures are designed to continually de-risk your project through each phase, providing you with safe, operable and maintainable facilities based on consistent and predictable results.

Bantrel has routinely achieved a field rework number of less than one per cent by optimizing and analyzing the entire EPC value sequence as compared to the more traditional approach of managing EP and C separately.

Proven Delivery

Our model is operationally proven to delivered concrete benefts in capital execution related to safety, cost and effciency. We understand the complexities of executing small projects in an operating facility and the importance of gaining operation and constructability input throughout the design process will avoid costly changes that lead to re-work.

Quality System

Our processes, tools, checking protocols and quality programs have been modifed over the years to be fit for purpose in this environment.  These methodologies are modifed based on our lessons learned program and our continuous improvement program (CI) which seeks to remove ineffciency and enhance productivity. 

Established KPIs

Having executed capital projects within an owner-managed program of work as part of our core business from incorporation to the present day, Bantrel has a well established metrics program to track job-hours per deliverable.  This allows Bantrel to identify emerging trends and rectify any issues with team performance or capability gaps as they appear. 

Sustaining Capital Delivery Model

Program Management

Our program management system has a number of stand-alone programs. These four programs include safety council, quality council, the portfolio management system, and our continuous improvement program. The core represents the stewardship elements that provide guidance to the project execution teams by establishing team norms, clear goals, and lines of accountability. All elements in this program can be customized and tailored to meet the unique execution requirements of our Clients.


Regular stewardship creates trust, drives accountability, defines program objectives, and establishes / reinforces the team norms and working culture. Stewardship is essential for a program and it is the primary mechanism for managing the interface between the Client and Bantrel teams.




Sustaining Capital Programs

For more information about the sustaining capital program execution click on the link below for our complete brohure.

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