Off Site Fabrication Group

Best overall value and service whilst avoiding the frustrations of problems leading to future costly construction delays

The Bantrel approach to module fabrication is to shop the market for best value, without pushing the needs of any one particular fabricator ahead of those of the Client. To do this effectively, Bantrel uses its Off Site Fabrication Group (OSFG) of module fabrication specialists, developed through the successful fabrication and installation over 4000 modules to date. Our OSFG can provide the expertise to evaluate and analyze the capacity and performance capabilities of all shops that are being considered for use on a project while recognizing the impacts of competing projects. Through this analysis, they will determine which shops are the best fit with regard to the complexity of the program that is being considered. For example, a small module program may require that the shops procure their own piping bulks and fabricate their own structural steel whereas a larger more complex program may require that Bantrel buy, material manage and then free-issue those materials. Every program is unique and considers site location(s), module transportation requirements, union affiliation, timing to market, complexity, engineering progress, material management, cost, and schedule.

The OSFG deploys a lean team into each module yard to act as the interface manager between the home office and the fabricator. This deployment enables engineering to be completed to the timeline and priority necessary to make both the fabricator and site construction successful. By this careful coordination, rework is kept to a minimum, with isometric revision rates as low as 0.4% during fabrication.

The OSFG is also tasked with the commercial integration of the selected yard, which Bantrel supports with its in-house price book.



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