Front-End Studies

The objective of the front-end gating process is to de-risk your project development by incorporating constructability, sustainability, operability, and maintainability considerations into your project. A thorough understanding of the project objectives as it relates to the scope, and actively managing project risks will result in an accurate cost estimate.

Bantrel has process specialists that have extensive experience with front-end engineering design, including preliminary process simulation, equipment sizing, technology selection, licensor evaluation, and selection. Study categories often include heat integration, energy conservation, equipment or process optimization, flare mitigation, utility sourcing, integration, carbon intensity reduction, reliability improvements, emission reduction, product spec improvement, and feedstock flexibility analysis.

Similarly, conceptual through feasibility studies are often required to progress work scopes for the Civil/Structural, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Piping & Plant Layout disciplines, with these projects often requiring a greater emphasis on retrofit/brownfield considerations. Our specialists lean on a combination of their technical knowledge and operating plant experience to ensure options are accurately evaluated.

Central to all studies is the concept of sustainability and the carbon economics of future projects. Learn more about our Energy Transition Offering.

Energy Technologies & Solutions

While Bantrel has its share of process experts, we also work collaboratively with the Bechtel Energy Technology & Solutions (BETS) group. BETS provides technology and subject matter experts, focused on tackling the challenges of energy transition and delivering for our Clients. 

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