Carbon Capture

Achieving the Path to Net Zero

Carbon Capture Technology

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) are essential in enabling energy transition. Innovation through new technologies and adaptation of proven technologies will change how we manufacture and generate energy. Bantrel develops scalable, economical solutions that balance ongoing operational costs with sustainable solutions.

Sources to Apply CO2 Capture

  • Refinery hydrogen production
  • Furnaces/boilers
  • Natural gas processing
  • Power generation
  • Cement
  • Waste to energy
  • Ethanol Production
  • Ammonia/urea manufacturing

CCS Technologies

  • Ongoing internal reviews of technology readiness levels
  • Extensive experience with proven amine-based technologies
  • Emerging technologies such as solid sorbents and membranes
  • Subject matter expert experience with liquid solvents such as Rectisol and Selexol
  • Maintaining relationships with key licensors



Carbon Capture

Carbon capture solutions are moving the industrial sector toward decarbonization, and with CO2 Capture and Recovery projects and Carbon Capture subject matter experts, Bantrel is taking a proactive approach to Canadian clean fuels regulation. 

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