Hangingstone Expansion Project


Japan Canada Oil Sands Ltd.


1995 - 1996



Bantrel has been working with JACOS (Japan Canada Oil Sands Limited) since 1993 in evaluating the most economic methods for developing their leases in the Hangingstone area, south of Fort McMurray. These leases are believed to contain six billion barrels of oil in place.

Bantrel’s work concentrated on the design of the surface facilities. Plant designs were developed for both the conventional cyclic steam process and the latest SAGD technology. The scope of the work ranged from small pilot plants to full scale commercial production facilities, with overland product pipelines and water intakes on the Athabasca River.
Bantrel completed the preliminary design and cost estimate for a 2000 bbl/d high temperature SAGD pilot plant. The design incorporated full water recycling and utilized a novel caustic softening technique for silica removal from the produced water.

Services Provided

  • Engineering
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