Primrose and Wolf Lake In-Situ Oil Sands


Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.


2000 - 2001



Description of Work Scope: Prepared Study, DBM and EDS for an expansion of the existing Heavy Oil production on the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range to process 4750 m3 of bitumen product per day and to generate 2,500 m3 of 80% quality steam per day.  The DBM also included the field component of the project comprised well pads and all associated pipelines.

The main processing facility included the following:
  • Oil Treating
  • Main Piperack / Common Facilities
  • Produced Water Treating
  • Salt Cavern Disposal
  • Steam Generation Options (OTSG and Co-generation)
  • Control Room DCS / Shop
  • Storage

The DBM / EDS engineering was developed to the FEL 3 level with Plot Plans and P&IDs to the IFE stage, major equipment was specified and vendor quotes evaluated ready for commitment. The work done was at a level that permitted preparation of a +/-15% Capital Cost Estimate.

Also included in the scope was detailed engineering for installation of a new 24” high pressure steam pipeline from the existing Primrose Station to Field Phase 18.                                                                                                                                        
Bantrel was awarded engineering and procurement services associated with the front-end work for the expansion. Bantrel’s scope comprised central processing facilities including common facilities, oil treating, water treating and steam generation options, along with field facilities including well pads and pipelines.

Bantrel also provided detailed engineering services associated with the installation of a new high-pressure steam pipeline. The overall project was completed on schedule and below budgeted hours.

FEED services to increase the capacity of the existing cyclic steam stimulation (CSS) facility by 30,000 barrels per day including Central processing facilities and Field facilities (including well pads and pipelines).

Services Provided

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
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