Utilities and Offsites

Specializing in Utilities and Offsites in all sizes of facilities, in all markets

Utilities and Offsites support facilities typically constitute for 20–50 percent of the total installed cost for a project. Bantrel subject matter experts have the technical and practical expertise in the conceptual design, expansion, and long-range planning of these U&O facilities. Our capabilities include the design and execution of the Utilities and Offsites required for the onsite unit designs, while also having the expertise to troubleshoot and evaluate complex U&O problems of existing facilities.

Featured Expertise

  • Air Systems: Instrument and Utility Air
  • Cooling Water
  • Fuel Systems: Natural or Fuel Gas
  • Nitrogen / Inert Gas Supply
  • Power Generation
  • Steam Generation
  • Water Systems: Raw Water, Waste Water, & Stormwater Treatment and Management Systems
  • Boiler Feed Water, Utility Water, Potable Water, and Condensate Systems
  • Firewater System
  • Vapour Recovery Systems
  • Flare and Vent Gas Systems
  • Interconnecting Piperacks and Piperack Modularization
  • Truck and Rail Loading / Unloading Systems
  • Tankage & Storage: Atmospheric and Pressure
    • Ambient storage tanks
    • high temperature tanks
    • tank maintenance and repairs
    • spheres and pressure vessels
    • low temperature and cryogenic tanks
    • LNG tanks


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