Voyageur I




2000 - 2002



Description of Work Scope: Bantrel completed the scoping study for Voyageur I in early 2001.  The DBM commenced in May 2001 and is stated for completion in December 2002.

Voyageur I will increase Suncor’s production to about 450,000 barrels per day in 2008.  The upgrading project scope includes new delayed cokers, three hydrotreaters, hydrogen plant, and sulphur recovery, modifications to the DRU, Vacuum Unit and U&O.  The Extraction Scope is being prepared by Bantrel/GKO in Edmonton; this includes ore preparation, froth treatment and associated extraction facilities.

Names of sub-contractors/specialists retained:  Not applicable
Value of Overall Project (TIC):  $3.5 billion
Value of DBM:  $9 million
Definition of services provided (Study, DBM, EDS, EP, EPC, EPCM):  Scoping Studies, DBM
Explanation of performance against budget:  
Delivered below budget for scoping study and DBM work done to date.

Services Provided

  • Engineering

Completed By

  • Bantrel Co.
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