Salt Lake City Refinery Study




1992 - 1992



As part of Amoco’s Salt Lake business unit’s compliance with OSHA’s 1910.119 requirements, Bantrel was awarded a contract to conduct Phase 1 of a study of the existing refinery relief valve system.  Phase 1 consisted of a study of the relief valves within the alkylation, isomerization and polymerization units, and relevant sections of the existing blowdown system, including the tank car loading facility.

The major scope of the project was as follows:

  • Detailed sizing calculations and documentation for each relief service in the three referenced units, based on all possible relief scenarios
  • Calculation of all required relief valve sizes and identification of any requiring modification
  • Calculation of the blowdown system loads for multiple relief scenarios
  • Calculation of blowdown system hydraulics for conformance to back-pressure and Mach Number criteria
  • Identification of refinery process unit and/or blowdown system modifications required to accommodate the limiting blowdown system case(s)
  • Preparation of flare heat radiation analysis based on the existing blowdown system and flare stack

All calculations were performed according to Amoco’s Design Specifications, as well as API-RP 520, API-RP 521, and Bantrel Standards and Procedures.  Relieving loads for approximately 120 relief valve locations were considered.

Services Provided

  • Engineering

Completed By

  • Bantrel Co.
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