Millennium Vacuum Project




2000 - 2006



In 2000, Suncor Energy commissioned Bantrel to design, engineer and procure their Millennium Vacuum Unit project. The project set out to increase synthetic crude output of the Millennium plant by 56,000 bpd. This was achieved by adding a 48-foot diameter vacuum tower. Major on-site equipment for this project included: a vacuum tower, diluent tower, diluent stripper, diluent stripper accumulator, kerosene side stripper, coke feed drum, 3 fired heaters, 37 heat exchangers and 38 pumps. Bantrel’s procurement scope included purchasing, expediting, materials management, transportation and logistics, contract formation, and contract administration. In total Bantrel procured over $90 million in materials including: 13 major equipment tags, 105 minor equipment tags, 35,000 feet of large bore piping bulks, 22,000 feet of small-bore piping bulks, 256 piping spools and 3,400 tones of steel.

Services Provided

  • Engineering
  • Procurement

Completed By

  • Bantrel Co.
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