Lloydminster Alliance Projects


Husky (now Cenovus)


1997 - Ongoing



Since 2007, Bantrel has provided engineering, procurement, and constructability services for sustaining capital projects at the Husky (now Cenovus) Lloydminster Upgrader (LU). This has helped improve plant reliability and developed FEED packages and business cases for evaluation.

Specific Scopes include: Study, DBM, EDS, Detailed Engineering, Construction Support, Project Controls and Procurement services for Sustaining Capital / Debottlenecking / Environmental / Furnace / Tanks / CO2 Capture Projects.

Bantrel has executed detailed engineering for LU projects totaling over $200 million total installed cost, as well as achieved over 235,000 job-hours worked without a lost time incident. Just over 20 years ago, HLU had a nameplate flow rate of 60,000 barrels per day (bpd). Today, it has a nameplate capacity of 540 m3/h (81,400 bpd). 

With major improvements in efficiency, the upgrader is now the second lowest energy consumer per barrel of upgraded crude in North America.

Sample projects include:
•    Crude Unit Vapour Recovery 2008 - 2011
•    Diesel Truck Loading 2008 - 2013
•    Crude Plant Revamp 2008 - 2009
•    Diesel Debottleneck – Plant 78 Jan 2014 – May 2015
•    Diesel Debottleneck – Plant 41 Jan 2014 - Present
•    Diesel Rundown Line (6” Dia.)  Jul 2014 - Present
•    Jet PA on 22-C-001 (Reposition of LCGO PA) Oct 2014 – Present

Services Provided

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Constructability Support
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