Genset 601 Installation Project


BHP Billiton


2003 - 2003


Mining & Metals

BHP Billiton seconded Bantrel to provide engineering services for the purpose of designing the installation of a sixth (6th) Genset in the existing powerhouse at the Ekati mine site. Bantrel also provided the respective piping, electrical, control systems, EHT and steam tracing and structural requirements associated with the sixth Genset and produce a Construction Work Package. IFC drawings for the foundations for the Genset 601, the vapour phase unit and pads for exterior radiators. Foundation design for Genset 601 will allow for excavation to competent rock. IFC drawings for the exhaust stack and the guyed supports for piping and electrical tray.  Catwalk and service platforms IFC drawings. Duct supports and piping supports IFC drawings. Drawings for the connection of electrical and instrumentation for Genset 601. The project was constructed during the summer of 2003 and commissioned in December 2003.

Services Provided

  • Engineering

Completed By

  • Bantrel Co.
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