Firebag In-Situ Project




1999 - 2007



Bantrel assisted Suncor with front-end conceptual engineering and cost estimate support for the feasibility study of a 25,000 BPD, $300 million SAGD heavy oil facility to be constructed in north-eastern Alberta. Upon completion, we moved on to complete the DBM/EDS and associated AFE quality cost estimates for the project.

The project has now moved to the EPCM phase. Bantrel is the prime EPCM contractor to Suncor.
The project scope is all-inclusive, from site preparation to steam generation, heavy oil production, water treatment and on-site processing. The integrated project team of Suncor and engineering contractor personnel is housed in our Calgary Bantrel Tower location.
The Firebag project team has consistently demonstrated innovation and ingenuity, pushing the technology envelope in the use of project management and automation tools and processes.  For example:
  • Early and consistent demonstration of the priority of Health, Safety & Environment issues, seeking a “Zero Incident” result.
  • Material requisitions by e-commerce
  • Structured approach to strategic purchasing for key commodities
  • Application of Bantrel’s KASE system of quality gates (Key Activities for Successful Execution);
  • Application of “lessons learned” and “value improving practices” such as value engineering, plant reliability evaluation, and life cycle value assessment
  • Early involvement of local business and community leaders in dialogue on issues of public and environmental concern
  • Back-to-front scheduling review – driving the design and procurement approach to maximize construction efficiency
  • Best-in-class benchmarking for engineering design
  • Evaluation of vendor supplied design-build packages
Services provided:  Study, DBM, EDS and EPCM

Services Provided

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction Management

Completed By

  • Bantrel Co.
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