Sifto Salt Shaft Relining


Compass Minerals Canada Corp.


2014 - 2019


Mining & Minerals

From August 2014 to June 2019 Bantrel performed Construction Management services on the shaft relining project. This project involved the relining of two existing 16-foot diameter, (1900 feet) 590-metre-deep concrete lined shafts. The new shaft linings were comprised of two zones. A steel reinforced liner was installed in the upper water bearing zone. The lower portion consists of a foam backed concrete liner.

The project scope also included installing of a new permanent headframe for the #1 Shaft and #2 Shaft. An upgrade to the hoisting system required the removal of the hoist on the #3 Shaft and replacing it with a new automated hoist. The controls for the #1 and #3 Hoists were upgraded as part of the upgrades.

Due to air quality issues the mine ventilation system was reconfigured to make the #2 Shaft the primary ventilation shaft. To accomplish this, extensive rework was completed including the re-development of existing mine workings, installation of fans, bulkheads, and vent doors. Bantrel was responsible for managing and coordinating the mine operations, mining contractors, and the hoist installation contractors.

Project Accomplishments included:

  • Over half a million hours worked with no LTIs.
  •  Executed under budget and on schedule.

Services Provided

  • Construction Management

Completed By

  • Bemac Construction Corp.
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