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Bantrel Attains Nuclear Certification


Calgary, Alberta – September 1, 2021: Bantrel today announced that it has received its nuclear certificate of authorization from the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), to perform work in the nuclear industry.

This authorization opens a new market for Bantrel to pursue and execute projects in Canada’s nuclear market. The certification allows Bantrel to perform field fabrication and installations of parts, piping subassemblies, supports and repairs, modifications, or replacements of all classes of nuclear items.

“ We are extremely proud of all the efforts of the Bantrel team in getting us to this point of success with the Bantrel nuclear certification,” said Paul Mattern , GM of Bantrel Constructors.

“This certification is an historic milestone for Bantrel, and we are eager to participate in nuclear construction and refurbishment programs, that offer a low carbon footprint solution for the energy requirements of Canada ” said Brian Cole, VP of Mining, Infrastructure and Construction for Bantrel.

Bantrel is a leader in the Canadian market, delivering end-to-end solutions across the complete spectrum of engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) and construction management (CM).


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