Our Future with Petrochemicals

Petrochemicals provide the building blocks for new lightweight materials, ongoing advancements in public health services, electronics, and our social prosperity. Many things — from the clothes we wear, to plastics and cleaning agents, fertilizers that grow our vegetables, to the computers and cell phones we use, to the cars we drive — are made from petrochemicals. 

Petrochemical projects represent significant investments on the part of our Clients and have an important role in energy transition, as the industry transitions away from fossil fuels. These projects are becoming more complex by incorporating renewable power generation, battery energy storage, NOx abatement, heat abatement, heat integration, co-generated power, carbon capture, and hydrogen generation.

refinery valve

Relevant Experience

In collaboration with Bechtel, Bantrel has experience in the successful design and building of facilities that produce petrochemical products such as ethylene, polyethylene, and polypropylene to our global Clients. Bantrel develops feasability front-end technology design packages through multiple licesnsors, and offers end-to-end capability across all project services. To learn more, see how Bantrel is currently supporting Bechtel with the world-scale Pennsylvania Chemicals facility. 

We leverage our 40+ year hydrocarbon processing expertise to meet our Client needs. Bantrel is a proven EPC, delivering a wide-range of services from sustaining capital portfolio management to large-scale capital projects.

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