Bantrel Transient Team

What We Do

Bantrel has created a highly skilled team that offer advanced modelling and a specialized skillset. This team is able to perform engineering services including transient analysis, dynamic analysis and operational upset analysis. In addition to the Edmonton team, Bantrel is able to utilize the experienced engineers at Bechtel as additional resources. Bantrel is able to perform transient analysis on liquid, gas, slurry and multiphase systems. The team can generate inputs to the stress engineering group for analysis of dynamic loads.




Software available

  • SPS – Liquid/ Transients 
  • AFT Impulse – Liquid/ slurry transients
  • AFT Fathom - Liquid steady state
  • Pipeflo – Multi phase 
  • Olga – Multi phase 

Services/ Skills:

  • Transient analysis of liquid pipeline system (both mainline and terminal) (HVP,  LVP) 
  • Transient analysis of gas/ multiphase and slurry systems 
  • Design of relief systems and relief valve selection 
  • Erosion and slug flow calculations 
  • Engineering services 
  • Optimization of pipeline isolation valve locations


  • 4 team members from Bantrel 
  • Additional senior resources from Bechtel out of Houston  


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