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Since 1983, Bantrel has been an industry leader in delivering safe, dependable, high quality services and facilities which advance the sustainability objectives of our Clients in our communities. This includes sustaining capital helping facilities to operate safely and projects to meet new regulations, conserve energy and reduce emissions. 

Bantrel is proud to present our 2021 sustainability report, environmental, social and community responsibility are integral to our continued success. Join us on our path to transition.

2020 was a year of transition. The increased importance of ESG considerations and sustainability initiatives, combined with the impact of COVID-19, had a dramatic impact on our markets; creating a unique environment for change, as well as a push towards increased innovation. Bantrel proudly demonstrated resilience in keeping our people safe, fulfilling project commitments, and achieving our sustainability goals.

In this changing environment, we see a renewed focus on studies and EPC projects aimed at defining a practical path forward on energy transition, decarbonization and the drive to achieve net ZERO. We see a strengthening trend of collaboration within our Energy, Mining and Infrastructure Clients to jointly advance creative solutions to meet these challenges.

Our 2021 Sustainability Report, themed Transition, captures our achievements and sets new forward-looking goals to embrace these shifts; the Energy Transition towards clean fuel and carbon economics, and the digital transition of a remote workforce. We are committed to building on our previous achievements and using these achievements as a catalyst to differentiate us.

Bantrel will continue to grow and enable Innovation and reinforce our focus on Sustainability. Building on these values, Bantrel Innovative Solutions was established in 2020 and a Spark system was implemented to foster and progress new ideas. These programs are already providing tangible benefits to our Clients and our teams.

At the core of Bantrel is our People, who demonstrate personal leadership through volunteerism, giving back to their communities and paying it forward through BantrelCares. We look forward to new initiatives in the coming year, incorporating sustainability into our community involvement whilst helping to reduce the environmental footprint of our Clients and ourselves.


Transition - Sustainability Report 2020-2021

Transition - Sustainability Report 2020-2021

Bantrel is proud to release our 2021 sustainability report. Environmental, social and community responsibility are integral to our continued success.

Join us on our path to transition.


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