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Strategic Initiative Offsites Project (Joffre Plant Expansion)


Nova Chemicals Ltd.


1997 - 2001



Bantrel provided engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) services to the offsites infrastructure portion of the Joffre Plant Expansion. The offsites portion and services were provided in support of the Ethylene III, Polyethylene II, Linear Alpha Olefins plants and a 400 MW cogeneration facility. The Bantrel scope was completed on schedule and started-up in 2000.

The scope of work included the following:

  • General Site Services: includes roads and parking, communications and security, demolition and site preparation, site lighting and power distribution, electrical and instrumentation systems, construction camp services, site construction offices, and laydown areas.  The new DCS offsites control system will also be implemented.
  • Water Treatment Facilities: include clarified water, demineralized water and potable water systems, phosphate removal, effluent ponds, secondary water treatment, stormwater system, mechanical sewage treatment, river water pumphouse modifications, river intake fishscreen installation, and firewater systems.  In essence, the existing water treatment capacity will be doubled.
  • Piping Distribution: includes all above-ground and underground piping systems, including interconnecting piperacks, trenching and backfill, pipe heat tracing, painting, insulation and site piping instrumentation.  Extensive use of modular construction is the execution strategy.
  • Co-Product Storage including C3 and C4 spheres and product tanks in a tankfarm layout with transfer pumps, spill containment, railcar loading facilities, vapour recovery units and deluge systems.
  • Railyard Expansion including new north interchange area for staging / storage of railcars, a new railcar loading area with thaw stations, weigh stations and speciality product loading stations.
  • Cooling Towers for the Ethylene III and  Polyethylene II Plants: the Ethylene III unit is a major 16 cell cooling tower requiring 72” supply / return lines.  Work includes concrete basin, pumphouse, chemical addition and blowdown, side stream filters, sprinkler and lightning protection.

The engineering and procurement effort peaked at 150 people, and construction management at 40 people.  As construction manager, we administered 107 subcontracts for civil, mechanical and electrical works over a two year period.  This included both grassroots and in-plant revamp work.

Services Provided

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction Management

Completed By

  • Bantrel Co.
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