Sifto Salt Shaft Relining


Compass Minerals


2014 - Ongoing


Mining & Metals

Shaft reline project for Compass Minerals in Goderich, Ontario, on the shores of Lake Huron. Bemac is functioning as the Owner's representation for management of the general contractor on-site. The scope includes:

  • Performing typical Field Engineering liaison between contractor and Compass Minerals
  • Performing QA/QC activities in accordance with approved designs and specifications
  • Safeguarding Contractor's compliance with all required Health, Safety and Environmental requirements
  • Performing typical Project Control functions such as schedule maintenance, forecasting and reporting

This project involved relining of 2 existing 16-foot-diameter 590-metre-deep concrete lined shafts. The new shaft lining will be comprised of 2 zones: an upper liner to within the water bearing zone is steel with exterior reinforced ribs and the lower portion of the shaft will have a concrete liner with foam backing to address planned convergence. The project scope included installing a new permanent headframe for the #1 Shaft and a temporary headframe for the #2 Shaft. In conjunction with the headframe work, an upgrade to the hoisting system requires the removal of an existing double drum hoist at the #3 Shaft and replacing it with a new automated single drum hoist. The controls for the #1 and #3 Hoists were upgraded as part of the hoist system upgrades. To improve air quality underground, the mine ventilation system was reconfigured to make the #2 Shaft the primary ventilation shaft. To accomplish this, extensive rework needed to be completed underground including re-development of existing mine workings, installation of fans, bulkheads and vent doors. Bemac was responsible for integrating project work with mine operations, mining contractors, as well as contractors involved in the hoist installation and electrical upgrades.

Services Provided

  • Construction Management

Completed By

  • Bemac Construction Corp.
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