Millennium Coker Unit (MCU)




2001 - 2008



The Millennium Coker Unit (MCU) project was the last stage of development and expansion of the Millennium Upgrader.
The MCU project built onto a previous Millennium Upgrader expansion called the Millennium Vacuum Unit (MVU) Project. The MCU Project installed capacity to upgrade the incremental bitumen feedstock supplied from the Firebag project. This was primarily accomplished by adding a third set of coke drums that enabled the vacuum unit and diluent recovery installed by the MVU Project to achieve their full design capacity. Additional sulphur recovery, and utilities and offsite facilities were provided by the MCU Project to meet the process requirements.

Bantrel was the prime engineering contractor on the Millennium coker Unit (MCU). Our scope included engineering and procurement services for a two coke drum expansion, utilities and offsites, and a sulphur unit to increase the bitumen feedstock by 151,000 bpd.

The new coker section was deemed mechanically complete on May 8, 2007. The completion of the MCU cokers was made even more significant given its exemplary safety record, a better than targeted Recorded Injury Frequency of 1.58, and the fact that it was erected within an existing unit.

The MCU Project was named ‘2008 Project of the Year’ by the Project Management Institute – Southern Alberta Chapter.

Services Provided

  • Engineering
  • Procurement

Completed By

  • Bantrel Co.
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