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1990 - 1990



Bantrel was retained by Shell to complete engineering, procurement, and construction management for two Shell compressor station projects. 

Shell Canada Jumping Pound Compressor Station - Two-Staging Project 

The Two-Staging Project was one of the compressor station projects executed under the Shell-Bantrel Alliance contract. The TIC of the project was approximately $15 million, and Bantrel had total EPCM responsibility.

The station consisted of two De Laval sour gas compressors driven by General Electric drivers originally rated at 6500 HP. The compressors were configured with five 13" cylinders. Due to declining fired gas pressures, the station had to be restaged.

Bantrel’s scope of work included:

  • modifications to the inlet pressure control
  • modifications to the inlet scrubber (internal and pressure envelope)
  • new first and second stage scrubbers
  • new pulsation bottles (12 oz.)
  • a new intercooler
  • complete rebuild of the compressors including new 20" cylinders
  • re-rating of the motors to 8500 HP
  • new suction, discharge and utility process piping
  • new PLC based unit and station control panels

The construction was executed through a combination of five major, fixed price, lump sum and cost plus fixed fee subcontracts. A total of 100,000 man-hours were expended over a five month construction period during most of which the plant continued to operate. The labour force peaked at 130 people during the six week shutdown.  


Shell Canada Burnt Timber Compressor Station – Tandem Body Project

The Burnt Timber - Tandem Body Project was another of the projects executed under the Shell-Bantrel Alliance contract for compressor stations. Bantrel had total EPCM responsibility for the work.

The station consisted of two identical compressor trains operating in parallel. Each train consisted of one Solar C160 compressor retrofitted with Crane dry seals driven by a Solar Centaur T4500 gas turbine, through a speed increasing gearbox. Due to declining field gas pressure, the station had to be re-staged.

The required changes and Bantrel scope included:

  • installation of reconfigured (8 to 12 wheel) compressor bodies on the existing skid
  • installation of replacement turbines (5000 HP)
  • two new inter-stage scrubbers
  • new suction and discharge piping
  • new field instrumentation
  • new PLC based unit and station control panels in an expanded control room building

The construction was executed on a cost plus fixed fee subcontract approach, with two major subcontracts. The construction period lasted five months during which 30,000 staff hours were expended in the operating facility. Project strategy dictated two shutdowns with a four week break between shutdowns. Peak labour force was 60 people on a two shift basis. 


Services Provided

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction Management

Completed By

  • Bantrel Co.
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