Cochrane Plant Partnership


Alberta Natural Gas (ANG)


1997 - 1999



Bantrel was retained to complete engineering, procurement, and construction management for the Alberta Natural Gas (ANG) Cochrane Residue Gas Compression Project.  This project involved installation of two residue gas compressors driven by 40,000 HP aeroderivative gas turbines compressing residue gas from two demethanizer/expander trains.  The new units were installed in parallel with the existing electric motor driven residue gas compressors.

The gas turbines exhaust through a new Heat Recovery Unit (HRU), providing heat to the lean oil in place of an existing fired heater.  The fired heater was left in place to supply incremental heat to the process as required.

A pressure relief study of the existing plant was performed to identify the relief requirements of the new compressors.  This resulted in the addition of a new, secondary flare stack to replace the existing flare.  The new flare has a larger capacity and is taller to limit ground level radiation.

The new gas turbines/compressors and auxiliary equipment were housed in a new, acoustically treated building.  Unit controls, MCC and emergency power supply were housed in a satellite building.  The plant DCS system monitors unit controls.

The new facilities were connected to the existing plant by a new Piperack.  Modifications to existing piperack were also made to accommodate new piping and electrical cable trays.


Services Provided

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction Management

Completed By

  • Bantrel Co.
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