Utilities and Offsites

Specializing in Utilities and Offsites in all sizes of facilities, in all markets

Utilities and Offsites support facilities typically constitute for 20–50 percent of a project's total installed cost. Bantrel’s subject matter experts have the technical and practical expertise in the conceptual design, expansion, and long-range planning of these U&O facilities. Bantrel’s capabilities include the design and execution of the Utilities and Offsites required for the onsite unit designs, while also having the expertise to troubleshoot and evaluate complex U&O problems of existing facilities.

Featured Expertise

  • Air Systems: Instrument and Utility Air
  • Cooling Water
  • Fuel Systems: Natural or Fuel Gas
  • Nitrogen / Inert Gas Supply
  • Power Generation
  • Steam Generation
  • Water Systems: Raw Water, Waste Water, & Stormwater Treatment and Management Systems
  • Boiler Feed Water, Utility Water, Potable Water, and Condensate Systems
  • Firewater System
  • Vapour Recovery Systems
  • Flare and Vent Gas Systems
  • Interconnecting Piperacks and Piperack Modularization
  • Truck and Rail Loading / Unloading Systems
  • Tankage & Storage: Atmospheric and Pressure
    • Ambient storage tanks
    • high temperature tanks
    • tank maintenance and repairs
    • spheres and pressure vessels
    • low temperature and cryogenic tanks
    • LNG tanks
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