Message from Bantrel – March 19, 2020

As all of us focus on the health & safety of our families, friends, colleagues, clients, partners who we have valued relationships with, the needs of the continued operations, capital and maintenance projects of our Clients are also top of mind for us. 
We support the measures our governments are taking to protect the at-risk population but also recognize your operations are critical to keeping the economy moving and the supply chain in operation for essential services. The COVID-19 situation, OPEC+ and financial markets disruption has placed a financial strain on our governments, businesses and many individuals and we are also committed to doing our part to mitigate damage to our economy.  Our History speaks to being born in challenging times.  We have persevered through hard times before, continuing to provide quality and value to our Clients through our 37-year history, and we are well prepared to deliver value through this challenging time as well.

Bantrel has ensured working remotely has been a part of our Emergency Response Plan and Business Continuity Plan for many years.  It was put to a test at a scale during the Calgary floods of 2013 when our corporate head office was located in the downtown core, and with lessons learned from that event and progress in technology, we have continued to improve and develop our tools, training and processes.

As the COVID-19 situation progressed in China and spread overseas, Bantrel increased mitigation and scenario planning, including the potential to have a significant portion of our workforce carry out their roles remotely in a safe, productive and efficient manner.

Bantrel has been actively monitoring and is complying with all provincial, municipal and federal governmental and health authority directives and recommendations including social distancing and self-isolation mandates.  We implemented mitigative measures early including increased sanitization, individual supplies of hand sanitizer and education.  We have provided frequent communication, awareness and direction to our people.  We have been collaborating with your teams, sharing information, and responding to your needs, providing flexibility and changes to our processes.

Over the past few weeks we have required all our staff to ensure they are proficient with remote access for the express purpose of being able to transition to in the event one or more of our offices are closed.  As of today, I am pleased to report 99% of our people have tested and used these tools and we are confident in our bandwidth.  Our people have access to our productivity tools and software required for their roles, from standard Microsoft applications to specialized process simulation and engineering design software.  They also have remote login to gain virtual access to the high-performance computers required for some of our design roles.

Our staff have been transitioning to WFH (Work from Home) and staggered shift schedules to promote social distancing over the past two weeks.  Our offices remain open at present however many of our projects and teams have fully transitioned to WFH and our people density is dramatically reduced.  We no longer conduct any large group meetings in person, making use of Skype and Teams tools.  Our people remain committed to safely executing their roles and building trust with each other and our clients through this time.

To date, Bantrel has not yet had a confirmed case in our work locations. We have plans and procedures in place for this instance.  Our ERT (Emergency Response Team) has been stood up and meets daily (via Skype) or more often as required.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or others in our team for support in this challenging time.  

We are in this together!

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