Bantrel Constructors Co. (BCC) is a leader in construction for the energy, chemical and power industries. Since our establishment in 2003, we have performed over $1 billion in construction work and established an award-winning record of safely tackling some of the largest and most complicated industrial construction projects in Canada.

With a payroll workforce that has peaked at over 4,500 personnel, and with ready access to over $85 million in construction equipment, we have the ability to take on any industrial construction project, large or small.


BCC provides all of the key elements required to plan and build world-class projects. From constructability and turnover planning, right through to the provision of trades people and tools, we provide the industry’s most comprehensive range of construction and related services available. Our drive to deliver projects in a safe and timely manner is matched only by the commitment to our other core values of quality and environmental responsibility. We are committed to leading the industry in environmental stewardship and run several environmental programs in the field that compliment many of our customers’ environmental goals and ensure our activities’ impacts are minimized as practicably as possible.


Bantrel Constructors

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Calgary, AB
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P: (403) 515-8800