To be Canada’s best engineering, procurement and construction company in the energy sector.

We will achieve this by:

  • Leading the industry in HSE, performance and environmental stewardship
  • Developing a sustainable and diverse business
  • Attracting and retaining smart, flexible, and adaptable people
  • Adapting to changing markets and consistently delivering as sold to our customers


We are privately owned, led by active, experienced management and driven by values that underpin everything we do.

  • Performance Excellence: We are committed to delivering technically challenging projects safely, on time, on budget, to the highest standard of quality.
  • Fair Return: We provide the highest quality product for the best cost and deliver on what we promise.
  • Ethics: Mutual respect, integrity, honesty and open communication at all levels are the driving force for how we build relationships with our staff, customers, contractors and suppliers.
  • Safety: We are driven by an unwavering promise to keep our people and sites “100% Safe.”
  • Sustainability: Environmental protection and social responsibility - the foundations of sustainable development - are integral to our continued success.


Whether your project is large or small...

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Bantrel executes complex engineering...

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Our health, safety and environmental (HSE)...

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Working at Bantrel — big challenges and big rewards.

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