Our health, safety and environmental (HSE) management program is a fundamental part of Bantrel’s everyday culture. Our mantra is “100% Safe,” a philosophy that begins in the workplace and extends to the communities where we operate. We believe every workplace incident is preventable. This core belief, outlined in our HSE Policy Statement, is embedded in our corporate culture and integrated into every aspect of Bantrel’s operations.

Guided by four principles, Bantrel has instituted a number of initiatives aimed at ensuring the health and safety of our employees, contractors and communities.

Safety Leadership

Bantrel’s unwavering HSE commitment continues to earn the company industry awards and recognition, and explains why, year after year, Bantrel posts some of the best safety results in the EPC sector:

  • Since 2005, our lost-time injury rate for employees and contractors has been less than 0.04 injuries per 200,000 person hours worked - significantly lower than the industry average
  • Our WCB rates have dropped by 40% over the past several years
  • Employees at our corporate offices have logged more than 48 million hours without a lost-time incident

Workforce Participation

Bantrel employees and contractors are actively involved in all aspects of our HSE management program. We support a policy of People-Based Safety for our construction crews, providing a supportive environment in which workers are guided by peers trained in behavioural observation. This program also helps to collect data to provide a statistical overview of our safety performance.

Continual Improvement

Audits of Bantrel’s HSE performance are conducted at least three times during the life of every project, and safety and environmental incidents are diligently investigated to determine the need for new work practices, procedures and training. Our audits support the correct implementation of improvements in a timely fashion. Bantrel was the first EPC company in Canada to earn ISO9001 certification, a global standard for quality processes and managerial integrity.

Environmental Stewardship

At Bantrel, sustainability is an important consideration in all that we do. We understand that the work we perform has an impact on the environment, and we aim to minimize that impact by seeking out innovative ways to deliver our customers projects.


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